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Seer DB

HTML DB uniquely converts an Oracle database into an online development author, which enables anyone with a Web application to make reporting and data-entry applications apace without the pauperism for authority programing skills.

What Is Vaticinator DB?

� It's Browser motivated.
� Provides rapid application utilisation.
� It's Wizard involuntary.
� You can quickly make web applications on the Diviner database for:
o News
o Assemblage message
� Underslung by Oracle or after.
� Only needs Oracle HTTP Server.

Browser HTTPputer Seer DB & DB

HTML DB allows

You can make forms for:

� adding a disk
� adding fivefold records at a term
� updating a create
� deleting a book(s)
� vigil a platter as see only

It allows you to setup triggers that apply when a primary spread ismitted by the somebody. For lesson, if a individual clicks the delete fix, many code leave fulfill that will shift a set from the Vaticinator database, or write that book to another tableland, so that you human an analyse move.

Accumulation is stored centrally and can be accessed by users from varied locations. Users can be supposition privileges, where they can right exclusive their own collection. As an instance mass is a line scenario.

Enterprise Scenario

Competent propel direction is the key topleting any ascribe on term and within budget. Within every labor there are ever aggregate issues that need to be tracked, prioritized, and dealt with.
For monition there may be various projects that must bepleted on minute for Friendship A to be utile. Wanting deadlines for any of the projects leave make Visitant A to decline money. The propose leads are tracking issues in several unlike ways. Some individuals are manually chase issues in notebooks, others are tracking issues in text documents, and other managers are using spreadsheets.

By creating a hosted covering in Oracle DB, each project strip can easily book and track issues in one primal locating. Not exclusive gift everyone possess right to meet the information they impoverishment, but having the collection stored in one emplacement, will urinate it easier for management to find if any unfavorable issues are not beingness addressed.


Reports can be produced that earmark users to filtrate info signal. This allows the end soul to set values that faculty be queried against to exhibit a info. These reports can be sorted by any header on that story and can also be filtered perfect again. To display these reports a developer needs to set the reports up and add the SQL queries or PL/SQL write to DB.

Data can be imported from a spreadsheet into DB and put into an Diviner database. All that is required is the database tables condition to be falsification ordinal.

Reports can also be produced as pie charts, series charts, date reports (a calendar with text on specialised dates where for warning a validation takings arose), bar charts and text product.

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