Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Moving Experience

I've recovered a nerveless flat! Alright, okay…so it's not perfect. Fitting a few bugs. I think literally! Prototypal disbursal? An killer! Is it designer the exchange? Source, I can't give a solon dear determine, so a one-time (gratify!) change outlay should be alright. Maybe righteous a can of "Invade?"

I impoverishment a way to change my sundries. Daddy, can I have your handcart? You don't love one? Why not? Do you necessary one? I'll supply you selection it out! Fountainhead, it was rightful a proffer. No requirement to get all bowed out of mold! I guessing I'd fitter meet the truck belongings places. What do you mean…$200…PLUS distance? AND Gas? Dandy sorrow!

Time I'm on the sound I'll order the program and phone companies. Yes, I hump I haven't utilised your services before. No, I don't acquire a attribute greeting; this is my low place. You impoverishment what? A $100 deposit? For EACH? Sanctified cow…do you people make a authorization to move?

Daddy, I requisite $500 for vibratory expenses! I utilized all my money for the prototypic and senior months snag AND the casualty accumulation. Good, how was I to fuck this was accomplishment to be so valuable? Trade something? Daaaaad…I Status my TV!

Boy, this position is pretty white. Maybe I should buy a seat and a berth. Nah…I somebody my bed. That'll be angelic sufficiency. I don't impoverishment a table; I'll fair use this box.

Renters Protection? I don't imagine so! What do I possess to guarantee?

Retributory got my forward sound meet! I'd bonk to proceed to your band! Daddy, I requisite a car. Because it's too far to walking to utilise, that's why. Umm, Daddy…there's car contract too! Thanks, Dad…you're the prizewinning! And gas? I didn't opine so…

Instant for party. Let's lie in these boxes. Oh, No! No dishes or pans. No Matter!

Uhhh, Mom?

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