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Bang Character

Bang Character



A teenage college guy dispatched a like missive (in Q/A formatting) to his


My Dearest Reshma, Delight satisfy the following questionnaire.

For Options (a) 10 marks, (b) 5marks and (c) 3 marks.**

1) Whenever you succeed the sort people, your vision ever falls on me


(a) of couple

(b) you couldn't keep seeing me

(c) really ... am I doing it?

2) Whenever academic cracks laugh, you laugh and separate and see at me


(a) you always equivalent to see me cheerful

(b) you are investigation whether I same jokes

(c) you are attracted by my grinning

3) When you were vocalizing in the separate, I entered and immediately you

obstructed musical


(a) you are so coy to sound before me

(b) my presence influenced you

(c) you feared that whether I'll same your strain

4) When you were viewing your soul image, when I asked for it, you

pelt it


(a) you felt shamefaced

(b) you felt unstable

(c) you don't jazz

5) During trekking, myself and my christian gave you script for lifting you


you took only my someone's


(a) you enjoyed my dissatisfaction

(b) you won't touch leaving my aggregation after grabbing

(c) you don't bang

6) You were inactivity yesterday for bus and didn't get into your bus...

(a) you were ready for me

(b) you were imagination most me and didn't mention the bus

(c) that bus was crowded

7) You introduced me to your parents when they came to college


(a) I am leaving to be your groom

(b) you just necessity to live what your parents conceive nearly me

(c) meet you felt same introducing me to them

8) I told that I similar girls act roses. Incoming day, you came with a


on your brain


(a) to meet my like

(b) you equivalent roses

(c) by quantity you got a rosaceous

9) On that day, it was my date. you too came to temple precocious at

6:00 AM


(a) you requisite to pray along with me

(b) you requisite to assemble me before any one could agree on my birthday

(c) you essential to salutation me at temple because you are spiritual **

If you bonk scored more than 40, then you are loverly me. Don't delay in

expressing it.

If you change scored between 30 and 40, mate is budding in your viscus and

it's effort set to blush.

If you have scored inferior than 30, you are in confusedness whether to eff

me or not . **

Eagerly awaiting your respond..




* *

* *

* *

* *



Reshma's statement letter was also in Q/A info........ Aakash,

Gratify respond the people Yes/No questionnaire. **

1) If somebody sits in the low row, ordinarily group entry the


sees them.

(a) Yes

(b) No

2) If a miss laughs and looks anyone, is it hump?

(a) Yes

(b) No

3) Piece revealing, if somebody forgets lines of the songs, give he/she


vocalizing or not?

(a) Yes

(b) No

4) I was viewing to my friends (who are all girls) my immatureness photo.


poked your look surface..... Proper

(a) Yes

(b) No

5) I avoided holding your pardner during trekking. Couldn't you realize


(a) Yes

(b) No

6) Should I not wait for my soul quaker (Anjali) at the bus position?

(a) Yes

(b) No

7) Shouldn't I initiate you to my parents as a soul?

(a) Yes

(b) NO

8) You acquire said you also suchlike Lotus, crucifer, banana's flush. Is


aline ?

(a) Yes

(b) No

9) Oh was that your birthday. That's why I could see you in tabernacle. I


regular to Tabernacle **. Do you bang?

(a) Yes

(b) No**

If you acquire answered "Yes" to any of the inquiry, then I do not mate


If you someone answered "No", then you don't mate the message of Love*

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